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DiamondGlow® Treatment

Experience DiamondGlow®, a next-level skin-resurfacing treatment, delivering radiant, rejuvenated, and healthy-looking skin.

Our signature technology exfoliates, removes debris, and infuses nourishing serums simultaneously.  

The best part - results are immediate and long-lasting.

The Collagen P.I.N.®

The Collagen P.I.N.® is an FDA cleared microneedling device that mechanically punctures and injures skin tissue through use of a 36-needle arrangement of medical grade stainless steel sterilized needles. The small punctures and minor injuries to the skin promote a healing response that reveals visible transformation to the treated area. 


Microneedling is suitable for a variety of uses and can be performed in conjunction with other services to achieve specific results. In as little as 5 days after the first treatment, observable improvements can be achieved for:

• Lines
• Wrinkles
• Hyperpigmentation and more.

EXO | E Skincare Serum:

EXO|E is a concentrated loading dose of stem cell factors including exosomes, liposomes, growth factors, anti-inflammatory factors, VegF and over 2,000 additional factors per application, leading to a faster recovery with enhanced rejuvenation results. 

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